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Bacterial Robotics Announces Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy, MD, India Clinical Surgeon Director

Dr. Krishnamoorthy, respected India-based otolaryngology surgeon, to lead Auricle Solutions surgical BactoBot™ product development efforts in India

CINCINNATI, OH, USA and BANGALORE, INDIA – November 18, 2013 – Bacterial Robotics, a life science firm developing microscopic BactoBots™ announces the appointment of Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy, MD as its Director, Clinical Surgery – India, for its soon-to-be-formed medical device subsidiary, Auricle Solutions.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy provides critical care to patients with skull-based disorders. In association with Dr. Ravi N. Samy, the Company’s Chief Medical Officer, he also brings the latest surgical techniques and technologies to collaborative surgeons and physicians in India.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy actively delivers the same high-level of care outside India to other indigent populations, most recently in Africa.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy, opened with, “This is really a great opportunity. I thank Bacterial Robotics for its faith in me and my skill level.”

Dr. Krishnamoorthy is also respected surgeon and Senior Consultant at Nova Specialty Surgeries. He is an Honorary Faculty Member at the Bangalore Medical College.

Dr. Samy, Bacterial Robotics Chief Medical Officer, continued, “I have known Dr. Krishnamoorthy for a number of years, since his time with me as a fellow at the University of Cincinnati. He is very dedicated and skilled. His joining our team adds significant value to Auricle Solutions by helping us enter this emerging market.”

Bacterial Robotics CEO, Jason E. Barkeloo, finished, “Dr. Krishnamoorthy is a leader in surgical Otology and Neurotology in India. His addition to our team provides us expert clinical access to a tremendous market. His prowess will significantly impact the development, licensing, or deployment of skull-based therapeutic BactoBots.”

More about Dr. Krishnamoorthy is at:

About Bacterial Robotics

An early developer in the emerging synthetic biology industry, Bacterial Robotics is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). The Company specializes in identifying markets for developing and deploying BactoBots™ and ViruBots™; microscopic organism-based robots that produce, build, sense, and perform functions. Once Bacterial Robotics develops a BactoBot, it creates a go-to-market subsidiary to launch the product.

The Company’s products are protected by a proprietary genetics rights management (GeRM™) key system. The GeRM system is a consumable additive that prevents the BactoBots against theft or environmental release.

For more information on Bacterial Robotics, visit its web site at


About Auricle Solutions

This Bacterial Robotics subsidiary is developing, and intending to license and/or deploy, a skull-based cholesteatoma tumor destroying bacterial robot (BactoBot™) code named the AuriBot™.


Jason E. Barkeloo – CEO
Bacterial Robotics
Twitter: @BactoBot at

Jason E. Barkeloo – Interim President
Auricle Solutions
Twitter: @AuriBot at

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