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India Neurotology Patients Gain Access To Bacterial Robotics Surgical Team

Surgical leadership team to receive high-risk, high-need patients and lead surgical training sessions for India-based surgeons

CINCINNATI, OH, USA and BANGALORE, INDIA – November 19, 2013 – Auricle Solutions, a subsidiary of Bacterial Robotics, a life science firm developing microscopic BactoBots™ announces a return visit to Bangalore, India.  The Company’s team will conduct indigent patient surgical procedures at Nova Specialty Surgery (  The team will also lead surgical training sessions for India-based physicians and surgeons.

This surgical outreach, including videos of the surgery, can be followed at the newly released Auricle Solutions surgical portal:

This medical outreach is important.  In addition to providing patients with critical care, it also provides exposure to surgeons and physicians in India with the latest techniques and knowledge for skull-based disorders, including tympanomastoidectomies for cholesteatomas and cochlear implantation.

This surgical outreach program is led by USA-based Ravi N. Samy, MD, FACS, and India-based Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy, MD.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy, Bacterial Robotics India-based Clinical Director opened with, “India is a unique market.  As the world’s largest democracy, and one of the world’s largest populations, we have extremes of wealth and socioeconomics.  As a result, there are healthcare treatment chasms we can bridge.”

Dr. Krishnamoorthy is also a respected surgeon and Senior Consultant at Nova Specialty Surgeries.  He is an Honorary Faculty Member at the Bangalore Medical College.

Dr. Samy, Bacterial Robotics USA-based Chief Medical Officer, continued, “Skull-based tumors destroy hearing and lead to death.  It is not only a question of morbidity and mortality; it is a quality of life consideration.  Our primary goal is providing top-tier treatment.  However, I also want our outreach to continue winning the hearts and minds of the patients we serve and our collaborating surgeons.

Dr. Samy is Director of the Neurotology Fellowship at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine as well as the Director of the Adult Cochlear Implant Program and an Associate Professor of the Dept. of Otolaryngology.

Dr. Samy added, “I am grateful to our sponsors.  Their willingness to collaborate should help speed important treatment solutions to significant markets with reduced risks.”

Bacterial Robotics CEO, Jason E. Barkeloo, finished, “We are well positioned to develop and provide a BactoBot solution to meet a significant market need.  Drs Samy and Krishnamoorthy are leaders in surgical Neurotology.  If I required skull-based tumor eradication, they would be the first I would consult with for surgical treatment.”

When:  18-22 November 2013

Where:  Nova Specialty Surgery, Bangalore, India.

Nova Specialty Surgery

Nova Specialty Surgery was established by Nova Medical Centres in 2009 to provide world-class surgical care centers that are affordable and conveniently located. It currently operates 13 such centres and has pioneered the concept of short-stay surgical care in India. It focuses on providing the finest quality care for patients from specialized doctors at an affordable cost while increasing operational efficiency.

Nova Specialty Surgery develops, acquires, owns and operates short-stay surgical centers in partnership with surgeons across India and the Middle East (in partnership with the OMZEST group). It provides leading surgeons from diverse specialties with comprehensive ultra-modern facilities, comprising doctor’s offices, operating rooms, pre- and post-operative rooms, diagnostics, imaging, health check-up area and a pathology laboratory. Nova’s innovative health services model offers unparalleled quality and affordability.

Nova was co-founded by renowned shoulder surgeon Dr. Mahesh Reddy and the GTI Group, based on the “doctor-owned and doctor-managed” concept, enabling doctors to have a sense of ownership and a long-term association with the company. The Nova infrastructure allows leading surgeons from diverse specialties to focus solely on the patient’s health while the company provides turnkey hospital management in the form of a full complement of ultra-modern facilities and services.

More on Nova Specialty Surgery at:

The shareholders of Nova Medical Centres include Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise associates, The GTI Capital Group, Dr Mahesh Reddy and the OMZEST Group.

About Auricle Solutions

A developer of surgical products, procedures, and techniques, Auricle Solutions seeks to provide innovative solutions to skull-based diseases and dysfunctions.  It is the licensing and marketing agent for the AuriBot™ – the bacterial robot focused on targeting and destroying skull-based cholesteatoma.

For more information on Auricle Solutions, visit its web site at


Jason E. Barkeloo – President
Twitter:  @AuriBot at

About Bacterial Robotics

An early developer in the emerging evolutionary engineering industry, Bacterial Robotics is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA).  The Company specializes in identifying markets for developing and deploying BactoBots™ and ViruBots™; microscopic organism-based robots that produce, build, sense, and perform functions.

The Company’s products are protected by a proprietary genetics rights management (GeRM™) key system.  The GeRM system is a consumable additive that prevents the BactoBots against theft or release into the environment.  The GeRM enables the Company to gain licensing revenues from the local manufacture and distribution of its BactoBots.

Once Bacterial Robotics develops a BactoBot, it creates a go-to-market subsidiary to launch the product. Pilus Energy (wastewater-to-value) and Auricle Solutions (tumor eradication) are the current subsidiaries.

For more information on Bacterial Robotics, visit its web site at


Jason E. Barkeloo – CEO
Twitter:  @BactoBot at


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