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News > News > Northern Kentucky company on cutting edge of fighting cancer

Northern Kentucky company on cutting edge of fighting cancer

WKYT reports Open Therapeutics’ Open Therapeutics:

Open Therapeutics develops the BactoBots and ViroBots and opens the technology up to other companies and researchers worldwide to further develop. This allows for the company to focus on the prototype and not raising millions of dollars for clinical trials.

To read more, or watch/listen to the interview, click here: WKYT, “Northern Kentucky company on cutting edge of fighting cancer” (Updated: Thu 6:35 PM, May 07, 2015)

Excerpt from the article:

“It’s not much different than what a farmer does to take a chicken and say wow, these chickens have special traits that will enhance their market ability, for example bigger legs, or larger wings,” said Barkeloo.

So in the same way researchers at Open Therapeutics want to create genetically engineered viruses and bacteria that will find and destroy cancer. The new organisms are known as virobots and bactobots. So far the research is promising in mice.”

Our Effort

Open Therapeutics is a major backer of open science and open access efforts.

Open Therapeutics freely provides to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) scientists, or another other seriously interested persons, intellectual properties (patents, etc.), grant funding, lab equipment, document development tools, and preprint server in a collaboration platform (Therapoid™).

When the researchers advance the intellectual properties, s/he gains ScienceCoins™; a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.