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FFP2 MASK (similar to N95)

FFP2 MASK (similar to N95)

NIOSH-42 CFR part 84
Certs: CE, China, FDA
Minimum quantity: 100,000 Up to 4M masks can ship in five (5) days.

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N95 Mask(nonsterile) CEFFP2 Certified FDA Certified

100K+ pcs: RMB EXW/piece
500K+ pcs: RMB EXW/piece

Europe RMB/kg
South-Eastern Asia RMB/kg
North Africa RMB/kg


1. All sales beyond the sample order are 60% at time of order. Remaining 40% paid while product is in the air. 13 April 2020 CONFIDENTIAL 2 of 4
2. A letter of non-binding commitment is required.
3. Seller can front initial sample order up to $30K.
4. China shipping tax is covered by seller.
5. Factory tours and product inspections are available.
6. Air shipping to U.S.A. via Chicago, New York, Los Angeles.
7. Customs inspection at China border is only 1-day.
8. Weight over 100kg best is shipped by sea.
9. Two types of masks. Medical and PPE.

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