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“Due to the extreme global demand, prices, volumes, and the ability to deliver constantly swing significantly, almost always upward, and it can happen a number of times during the day.”


Welcome to our Store!

The Chinese government has cracked down on the amount of fraudulent COVID19 goods moving out of China.  Rightfully, they are stopping and inspecting almost all COVID19-related goods traveling through their customs. This can hold up delivery for up to 10 days. Due to our position with our partners, their shipments can move through Chinese Customs in one day!

It is critical to understand that due to global demand, the raw materials and manufacturing capacity are in short supply. As a result, pricing adjusts almost on a daily basis. Therefore, until the buyer locks in a price, it can change.

Furthermore, we cannot deal with small orders at this time. Therefore, the minimum order is 10,000 units for masks and most other items. The prices reflect that.

Product prices are changing every week.  Therefore, until the buyer locks the price in it can change.

Many “new” companies and product manufacturers that have inventory are fraudulent. As such, this has created an atmosphere of distrust. This means honest manufacturing and distribution companies such as ours are at risk of delivering products for which they are not paid. Therefore, for our authentic products, we will only deliver when 60% payment is received. For emphasis, if the customer cannot agree to payment terms of 60% / 40%, then we cannot go further in the discussion.

For other companies you will find it is 100% payment upfront.

In certain cases where the purchaser is trustworthy, we are willing to extend credit for the purchase of products up to $10,000 including delivery.

If a buyer wants to inspect products at the factories producing the products, we can accommodate that with either a personal visit or a video conference with applications such as Zoom®. 

Until 60% of the wired funds are received, products will not be released for delivery.

The customer is responsible for getting products through U.S. or international customs and shipped to their place of business. 


Disclaimer X

Please be aware that any purchase you make resulting from what you learned about within the Open Therapeutics website is a transaction between you and a third party vendor or manufacturer. Open Therapeutics does not produce or offer for sale any of the goods available for purchase and does not endorse or otherwise make any warranties or representations on behalf of the third party vendors or manufacturers. Any issue, concern, or dispute you have regarding any products you purchased on the Open Therapeutics marketplace are strictly between you and the third party vendor and/or manufacturer.  Open Therapeutics will not be a party to that dispute.

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“We do not guarantee the quality, timeliness, or ability to deliver products you acquire from third-party suppliers through our website.  We simply match-make you to suppliers.”

Our Effort

Open Therapeutics is a major backer of open science and open access efforts.

Open Therapeutics freely provides to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) scientists, or another other seriously interested persons, intellectual properties (patents, etc.), grant funding, lab equipment, document development tools, and preprint server in a collaboration platform (Therapoid™).

When the researchers advance the intellectual properties, s/he gains ScienceCoins™; a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.